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February 16, 2022

How to Crack IELTS Exam Easily in 2022

How to Crack IELTS Exam Easily in 2022

Are you sitting for an ILETS exam any time sooner and thinking about how to crack IELTS exam easily? If yes, then this guide is something that you really need to score a great band score. The international English language testing system (IELTS) is an exam to gauge your proficiency in the English language to survive in a country where the native language is English. You need to have a great hold over the language in order to clear the exam. It’s a great buzz around that the exam is extremely tough to clear, in reality this isn’t true. The exam is per international standards but can be cleared with a great band score if you work smartly and towards the right direction. 

The IELTS exam tests the language skills and abilities of non-native English speakers who intend to study or work abroad. The exam demands excellence in four areas in English language to be precise, reading, writing, speaking and listening. All four modules of the exam carry equal weightage and are supposed to attempt carefully in order to score high. Here are module-wise tips and tricks to crack the IELTS exam easily:



The reading section involves reading three passages and answering accordingly. In order to score well in this section follow the enlisted tips:

  1. Read loads of books, passages and magazines in order to find new words and enhance your vocabulary. 
  2. Keep up with the news as often the passages that come in the exam are related to the hot topics of any newspaper. 
  3. Practice reading in a time frame to increase your speed of reading.
  4. While attempting an exam first attempt whose answers you are sure about, rather than wasting time on questions whose answer you are not able to find, this way you will get loads of time in hand to answer these unknown questions.


  1. Analyze the given topic in terms of organization of ideas and vocabulary. 
  2. Focus on what’s being asked and answer accordingly.
  3. Find model IELTS essays online and analyze them in terms of task response, essay structure, coherence, and vocabulary and sentence variety.


To clear the speaking module one needs to build strong command over the language in order to be grammatically correct and correct in diction while speaking. It’s not about speaking words with heavy weightage but about being correct in pronunciation and grammar. 

  1. Practice speaking in English as much as possible.
  2. Keeping calm staying relaxed will help you speak better without stammering and without slipping on words.
  3. Concentrate on answering the question without thinking about vocabulary.
  4. Pronounce every word loud and clear.


  1. Listen to radio, news and lectures in English language and try to confer words without subtitles.
  2. Familiarize yourself with each type of question may it be multiple choice questions, matching or labeling.
  3. Read the questions before listening to the audio and then while listening to the audio filter out the answers.
  4. Visualize the situations and try to predict the answers.

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