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IELTS is one of the most popular and essential english language evaluation exams that students need to apply to study and work in english countries. At the British Ielts Center, we know tips and tricks that can help you to crack the exam easily.

Crack Ielts To Apply For

If you have plans to study in Canada, Australia, United States, or the United Kingdom, you must crack the IELTS exam.

British IELTS Centre – Excellent IELTS Coaching in Bhatinda

British IELTS Centre is one of the renowned names in Bhatinda, offering expert coaching to people who wish to secure a good Band score in their IELTS test. By putting together our expertise and experience, we take a unique approach in helping student’s quality in their IELTS test to materialize their dream of overseas study.

Due to the colonial expansion of Great Britain in several parts of the world, English has dominated most other languages globally. Because of this reason, most international education destinations use English as a primary language for communication. Hence, if anybody wants to pursue their higher education in any of the reputed institutes abroad should have a command over the English language.

As Indians, we have a deep colonial past, which is the reason why English is so widely spoken in most parts of the country. However, our cultural influences could come in the way of communicating with people in a foreign accent, which could sometimes alter the meaning of what is being communicated. As a result, students have to prove that they are familiar with the English language when they plan on pursuing higher education overseas. It is done by securing a good score on the IELTS test.

Two Types of IELTS

When it comes to the IELTS test, they are available in two major types – Paper-Based IELTS and Computer Delivered IELTS. At the British IELTS Centre, we offer to coach for both types of IELTS tests.

The paper-based IELTS will require you to answer listings, Reading and Writing parts of the test on paper. While the Speaking section would be conducted face-to-face in the presence of a trained IELTS tester.

If you are a person who isn’t comfortable on paper and would like to take the test on a computer, the CD IELTS test may just be for you. In the Computer Delivered IELTS, the reading and writing, and listing sections will be taken on a computer. However, the speaking test will be taken face-to-face with an IELTS examiner because it is the most effective method of assessing your speaking abilities.

Why Is Computer Delivered IELTS Better?

While paper-based IELTS is very common among students worldwide, CD IELTS has become very popular lately. At the British IELTS Centre, we introduce you to the new version of the test and provide the coaching you’ll need for securing a good score in it. If you take up our coaching classes for CD IELTS, you can also apply for the exam through us.

Many students are apprehensive about taking the Computer Delivered IELTS exam, which is why it isn’t very popular. However, there are several reasons that make it superior to the traditional form of the IELTS test. Let’s take a closer look at them –

  • The booking process of the CD IELTS test is less confusing and much easier.
  • The test centres are much better as compared to the paper-based IELTS test centres.
  • The change in the test format has an immense impact on how the staff interacts with you.
  • Because small groups of students apply for CD IELTS, the setting is much more relaxed.
  • Writing is much better as compared to writing on paper as you will be able to fix errors easily. Apart from that, you can type rapidly without having to worry about your handwriting.
  • As the reading and listening sections will be 100% computer marked, students can avoid examiner biases.
  • The test results reach you at least 8-9 before the tests of a paper-based test. You can expect to receive them in about 4-5 days after taking the test.

These are a few significant benefits of taking the CD IELTS test. Apart from that, you will also get access to additional advantages, such as easy test dates, less crowd, facilitating exam centres, etc.

Two Modes of IELTS

When you register for the IELTS test, you will be presented with the option to choose one from the two modes of IELTS -

  • IELTS General – It is a migration requirement in Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK. The trial will focus on basic survival skills in the broad workplace and social contexts.
  • IELTS Academic – It is a requirement for people who want to apply for professional registration or higher education in English-speaking environments. The trial evaluates if the student is ready to start training or education.

You need to carefully evaluate your short-term and long-term goals, your educational aspirations, your professional plans, and your personal situation before you make the decision.

Why Choose British IELTS Centre?

If your focus is to see a significant improvement in your skill and not just securing a high band score, the British IELTS Centre is just the right place for you. With a team of qualified and experienced trainers, we are proudly the best IELTS Institute in Bathinda.

Through personalized attention in our classrooms, we will ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of learning we have to offer. So if you want to maximize your hold over the English language, don’t shy away from getting in touch with us.

Some Reasons To Choose British Ielts Center

Who are in extremely love with eco friendly system.

Best Trainers

We have experienced trainers hat know each student is unique, and they have their own learning style.

Online Assistance

We also give online assistance to our students, who cannot come to our place by Zoom and Google.

Spoken English

British IELTS Center also gives dedicated spoken English classes to students who are weak in speaking English.

Extra Classes

Students that do not perform well in the monk test are given extra classes to improve themselves.

Genuine Prices

Our institute has a straightforward fee structure, and our fees are affordable as compared to other institutes.

Visa Assistance

At British Ielts Center, we also assist students in getting the visa for their dream working.

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See how we are helping our students.

Best institute to learn effective english i like the environment of the institute because the teacher and the other Student helps each other learning the language teachers are very supportive

Best institute in bathinda. Excellent teachers , they provide individual attention for getting desired band scores. Must visit for getting 7 bands in just one month.

The classes are very good and well organised. It`s a place where you can excel your hidden talents. Practice makes man perfect, so this is also a place where practice gain, learnt many things during your classes.

If you are searching for a best IELTS institute, your search ends here!! It has a perfect blend of experience, best teaching methods, apt guidance, goal centric strategies, friendly environment and good facilities.

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