IELTS Listening

The IELTS Listening test includes four sections of recorded speech played electronically. Each section might be a monologue or a conversation consisting of ten questions. All the recordings would be played once only and you are required to answer the questions while listening. In between the test, time is allotted for you to check your answers. There are 40 questions to be answered in the entire Listening Test. Unlike the reading test, you will get ten minutes at the end of the audio to transfer your answers to the Listening Answer Sheet.

The training at BRITISH IELTS CENTRE helps you to make most of your listening test by following the instructions carefully. It also helps you to focus on the specific information in the listening test and try to anticipate the speech for better accuracy and a higher score. The training would also help you to be careful with your spelling and grammar while reading, writing and listening at the same time. In addition to the daily practice test, you will get additional listening exercises with specific types of questions and scripts to improve your listening ability and concentration.

In the past, BRITISH IELTS CENTRE has helped many students to score 9 bands, 8.5 bands and 8 bands in IELTS Listening Test.

Listening Tips To achieve High Score

In Listening, use the example at the beginning of the first section to familiarize yourself with the sound, the situation, and the speakers.

  • Keep listening until the recording stops, looking only at the questions that relate to the part being played.
  • There are often pauses in the recording between different sections. Use these to prepare for the next set of questions.
  • Answer Listening questions in the order they appear on the Question Paper. Remember that they normally follow the order of the information in the recording.
  • At the end of the recording you have some time to transfer your answers to the Answer Sheet. Check your grammar and spelling as you do so.


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